This is Luk.

Ethically, I am a consequentialist who, similar to a hedonistic utilitarian, tries to maximise overall well-being. I practise empiricism wherever practical; Skepticism is my default when encountering untested knowledge. Generally, I try to keep my identity small and get past identity politics.

You can say hi to me and I’ll probably respond. :-)

My site is uncopyrighted. You can do whatever you want with the things on here. Specifically, the CC0 license applies to everything on the domain, unless stated otherwise.


This is what I spend my time with:

Reading Yuval Noah Harari’s latest book.

Learning Spanish.

Getting outside and meeting friends.

Studying for university.

Getting back into filmmaking and considering a move away from my current studies.

Returning to some of the healthy habits I let fall to the wayside during a stressful time of studying.

Last updated: 2018-09-12

This Now section is inspired by Derek Sivers and Patrick Rhone.